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Passionate About Inspiring Others

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Sherry Angelique Capet is an Executive Business Strategist who knows the value of time and how sacred the small moments are. That’s why part of her passion is teaching businesses how to work effectively to not only honor their time but honor the right systems and methods too flourish.


Bold and stealthy, gracious and fearless, she has the mental and physical discipline to face and overcome any challenge. She is honored to have been mentored and coached by Forbes Riley, Brittany Michalchuk &  Jaymie Gerena.

Sherry studied Sports Medicine and held an Athletic Trainer position before completing her extended studies and earning a Bachelors Degree in Communications, Advertising and Marketing. While she was in college, she worked full time at night at ESPN and went to school full time during the day. Having the drive to continue her studies, she is an internationally certified TEFL & TESOL Instructor, has studied art, literature and history.  

In addition to her education and business experience, Sherry loves the arts having been a musician starting at the age of 6 and continuing through her early 20's. Vocally she was fortunate to be coached by Broadway Coach Steven Silverstein. She also modeled for 16 years, tried her hand at acting with a role in John McTiernan's, The Thomas Crown Affair and became a ballroom dancer which has spanned 17 years. She has seen the valuable role the arts play in an individuals life - the discipline and dedication carrying over into every aspect of one's personal and professional life.

During the course of her professional career, Sherry was told, "Welcome to a man's world, I hope you can handle it"..."Remember your place at the table". She was told to "dumb herself down", and she was even told to go back to the end of the line so the men could be taken care of first.


What did she do? Sherry used those negative experiences as motivation and turned them into positives. When she was at her lowest, she knew the only place to go was up and she found her inner strength to step up even higher than before.

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